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Why would I want to use Devon’s Property Finder?

You want to buy a house in Devon but your busy work/home lifestyle means you do not have the time to make the continual costly wasted trips to Devon to search out the property of your dreams, whether it is a new home to live in, a new lifestyle, retirement or a holiday home. We can do all of that for you using our local knowledge giving you the time to get on with your life.

So what are the advantages of using a Devon’s Property Finder?

Aside from removing the costs described above, we do all the legwork working for you using our local contacts and experience to find exactly the home you want. We then organise a time for you to come and meet us in Devon and view a shortlist of properties we have agreed between us are worth looking at. Your comfort comes from the fact that you know that we have already viewed them on your behalf and discussed them with you.

Doesn’t that mean you just search the internet? I could do that.

Yes and no. We do use the internet obviously, but also have contact with local estate agents so can get early warning of properties coming to market before they become generally known about giving us an edge. Also, any properties that you like we can visit and assess the position, neighbours etc. and give you a response as to whether or not it matches your requirements and is suitable. We are your eyes and ears locally on the ground.

Well I could do that with Google Earth.

Agreed, but even Google Earth is no substitute for actually going and viewing a property, ask us how we know! Additionally Google Earth will not be able to report on future planning, property blight due to smells from a local chicken farm and quarry traffic as an example and the actual situation of the property from ground level.

How do you know what I am looking for?

If you were interested in our services we would arrange a meet or call to discuss your exact needs and outline to you how the process works. This “chat” is free and places you under no obligation. From this we would establish a specification for your requirements. This would not be cast in stone and if you found your situation and criteria had changed then this could be accommodated.

So what would happen next if I did want to use you?

We would ask you to sign a simple contract authorising us to start a search on your behalf along with the specification for your requirements which we had already agreed. Also we would request a deposit which is non-refundable and would last for a twelve month search period. If we had not found a suitable property for you within the twelve month period we would sit down and discuss the best way forward.

What happens then?

We would start the search keeping you advised as to how we were getting on. Any properties that we felt were suitable and met your specification would be sent to you in the first instance for your thoughts. If any of these were decided as having potential we would visit the property to scope it out and report back. Eventually a short list would be agreed upon and we would set up a targeted viewing.

What does a targeted viewing mean?

Once we had agreed the short list between us, we would arrange to visit the properties over an agreed period, say two days or a weekend. We would make all arrangements which could include picking you up at Exeter station or airport for example. Over the two days you would be able to focus on actually viewing the property without worrying about the next appointment. Our aim would be to ensure you are relaxed, comfortable and focussed when looking at what might be your new home in Devon.

Why the deposit up front?

We are looking for commitment from you as the client to begin the search. Obviously we will also have costs carrying out the search and if for any reason you changed your mind we would want to have covered some of these costs. Also, when we are successful in finding the property you want, the deposit is fully refundable against our final fee.

What is the final fee?

We normally charge  a small percentage of the agreed selling price of the property less the initial deposit.

Is it worth it?

If you look at the cost of wasted visits that you will make when searching for property yourself including fuel, meals, hotel bills plus the frustration of looking at property that is unsuitable and the cost of your own time, overall our services could end up costing you less than you might think. You could also offset against our fees any money we can save you by negotiating the property price on your behalf.

What does negotiating on my behalf mean?

We know our market and what property is selling for and what the market is doing. This is crucial when buying any property. Once we have found a property you wish to buy we can negotiate on your behalf from a strong local knowledgeable position. Of course you can carry out your own negotiation if you wish to but this all part of our service.

Other than finding a property, what else does your service offer?

Once we have found you a property, as well as negotiating the price down on your behalf we can put you in touch with a solicitor and surveyors including assisting you with surveys, searches, architects, schools and removals and supporting you throughout the buying process. Once you have bought the house we can also advise you on local artisans if you require any works carried out. Effectively a kind of “hand holding” service.

What else can you offer me?

Client confidentiality is paramount and we only work for you the client unlike some who have an interest as an estate agent as well. We offer a service that is committed to achieving the best result possible in finding you that dream home drawing on our experience in property.

Is there any downside for me?

The worst case downside for you is that we could run off with your deposit and you would never see us again. That is hardly likely though as we are in business to find property for our clients, not jet off to a Caribbean island with their money. Other than that deposit, you have no costs until we have done what we said we would and found that house for you other than your accommodation and transport to Devon for the targeted viewing. And of course the deposit is refundable against our final fee.

The potential downside for us is that we spend a lot of time and effort trying to find your ideal property and then you change your mind. That’s business and is the reason we ask for the non-refundable deposit up front to show you are serious as well giving us something to defray our costs against if you do decide not to proceed at a later stage.

How do I contact you to start the process off?

You can use the contact form on the website, Email us at andy@devonspropertyfinder.com or phone on 0778 000 333 0.

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