Sixty per cent of people feel they need to move to get a house they are happy in? Hopefully not here in Devon!


I read some deeply depressing property statistics in the paper the other day. It said that seven out of ten people across the UK live in houses they don’t like and furthermore one in five actively hate where they live. Also, most residents said their house was too small, in the wrong place or needed redecorating. To cap it all, six in ten believe the only way they are going to get a house they are happy with is to move. I don’t know where the figures come from but they seem hard to believe.

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It got me thinking because of the eleven houses we have owned since setting out together all those years ago, we have never felt like that about any of them. In fact, with all the moving around we have been fortunate enough to live in some fantastic locations with amazing views to match. The pictures above were taken from the front of two of our previous homes in Herefordshire and East Devon as an example.

To add to that, and I know you will be expecting this, currently we could not be happier down here in deepest darkest Devon. Any one reading these blog posts on a regular basis will know that I am always bigging Devon up but that is not just for the benefit of the web site trying to create interest in my fledgling Devon property finder business, we genuinely do love living here.


I was trying to be objective and think about what used to seem a drudge on previous houses and whilst I didn’t get depressed about it some areas could be a pain in the backside so to speak. A good example of that would be the five hour mowing marathon at our last house amidst the vineyards growing grapes for producing Cognac. Yes a lot of it was on the ride on mowers but once the initial exhilaration had worn off, it was not a task I could say I looked forward to. Similarly with watering the vegetable patch every night during the hottest months so that all of our hard work did not end up on the compost heap.

Whilst everything grows like topsy in our lush garden here its size means I can sort the grass out in less than thirty minutes which includes getting the mower out and re-fuelling it. The important delicate bit with the flowers is Sarah’s department and she finds it a lot easier now we have downsized.

For me though my home has always literally been my castle and the thought of not looking forward to coming back to it or living somewhere I was not comfortable would bring into question why and I would have to do something about it.

Our life at the moment seems perfect and in searching for property for others who want to move into the county, I enjoy helping them to realise their dream and live it like we currently do.

The best bit about my role is finding that special property for someone that fulfils all their desires. Not searching for a place they don’t want to be.

I know you will say well I would say that wouldn’t I but look back over some of my old posts and I think you will be able to see how I genuinely feel about life here. For me it was a sad article and certainly not somewhere I would want to be or indeed any of my clients.

All that said, if the article’s comments resonate with you and your current situation and you are looking to make a change for the better you can always give me a call to see if I can help you make a new start. You’re a long time dead as my old mum used to say.

 If you are looking for help finding your dream home in Devon then why not give me – Andy Simpson – a call and learn how I can help!